This Week in Procurement

This Week in Procurement: Asking the Right Questions but Getting the Wrong Answers?

Written by Philip Ideson

Welcome to this week’s This Week in Procurement – where we sort through the click bait, advertorials, sponsored content and marketing fluff so that you don’t have to!

Today’s “Must Read” comes from Noah Borgen, a Global Category Manager within the pharma industry.  Noah asks how can we change the questions that we ask our stakeholders so that we get answers that enable us to become a more effective partner:

Procurement: Asking the Right Questions but Getting the Wrong Answers? | Noah Borgen, AstraZeneca


Getting Senior Management to Buy Into Procurement | Fabienne Lesbros, CPO, Co-op Group (via FT Careers)

Hey Procurement, Speak to Startups! | Matthias Gutzmann, Old St Labs

Centralized, Decentralized or Hybrid Sourcing Structure: How Do We Decide? | Sydney Lazarus, Spend Matters

Build, Buy or Contract Out a Taxonomy? | Heather Hedden, Taxonomist

5 Things Employers of Choice Understand About Hiring Top Procurement Talent | Nick Lazarra and Naseem Malik, MRA Global Sourcing

Has Technology Tipped the Scales on your Work-Life Balance? | Euan Granger, Category Manager, Glasgow City Council

Building Supply Market Intelligence: Which Data Sources are the Best? | Taras Berezowsky, Spend Matters

Unlocking Your Strategic Sourcing Talent | David Hearn, CPO Advisement Services


The Story Behind the Numbers: The July ISM-New York Report on Business | Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point


Podcast: 146: How to Bring Trust & Transparency to the Savings Reporting Process w/ Pierre Lapree

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