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This Week in Procurement: Half of Bosses “Don’t Get Procurement”

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Welcome to the first This Week in Procurement of 2017!

Today’s articles are not strictly from the last week, but include the last couple of weeks of 2016 – articles that I came across since the last TWiP was published in mid-December.  Ok, here goes…


This week’s “must read” is an article that summarizes a recent study by 4C Associates, and their headline finding that 48% of CPO’s and procurement professionals said their boss “still doesn’t get what the procurement team does or can do”.

Half of Bosses “Don’t Get Procurement” | Francis Churchill, CIPS Supply Management

I don’t like to be too opinionated in these pages because a number of things are very much easier said than done. However, the thought that jumped out in my mind is that the bosses cited would not have to “get” procurement if they were provided a service that they explicitly understood the value in. (I say this with my service provider hat on).

So, as we enter 2017, more than ever, I passionately believe that we must continue to work on building and delivering solutions that our internal customers want and need vs. trying to convince them of the value of the things that we do perform for them.  There are many examples of forward-looking CPO’s and procurement professionals who are doing this today – and highlighting these examples will be at the heart of the Art of Procurement in 2017!


My 5 Recommended Books on Procurement and Strategy (and Why) |  Stephen Ashcroft, DPSA / AECOM

Five IP Issues Supply Enabled Innovation Professionals Must Consider | David Rae, Procurement Leaders

In Business Relationships, It’s All About H2H (Human to Human) | Simona Pop, InstaSupply

Confirmation (or Correlation) Bias: Is it a Dangerous Thing? | David Loseby, Inchcape plc

Blockchain’s Impact on Procurement and Procurement Professionals | Michael Shaw, ACSPE


Podcast: AOP in 2017, Engaging w/ Start Up’s & More

Article: Days of Future Past: The Accuracy of Year-End Procurement “Predictions” (an article that I co-wrote with Gordon Donovan of Metro Trains Melbourne)

I was also really proud to see that an article I wrote for Spend Matters made their top 3 posts on Intelligent Procurement in 2016! You can read the round up post, which links to the original, here.


I have two articles that I wanted to share this week that are best characterized as “other”.

The first is a book review (a first for TWiP!).

Kelly Barner, of Buyers Meeting Point, recently reviewed a book that I am interested to read further called Radical Business Model Transformation.  I believe that our ability to harness business model transformations – both as a procurement profession, and in helping our stakeholders make sense of the transformations in their domains – will become an even bigger part of our roles in 2017.

One of the authors of the book jumped into the comments section with this:

Still too many companies focus on efficiency gains and automation and hence run into the risk of optimizing or these days digitizing the past instead of innovating for the future.”

If you are interested in reading more, check out Kelly’s review and look out for the book when it is published later this month:
Book Review: Radical Business Model Transformation | Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point
The second article is from David Bush, the former Chief Revenue Officer for Determine, and Founder and CEO of IASTA.Following his recent departure from Determine, David penned an article sharing 5 simple ways to build a powerful and meaningful network.In an era of digital, where most of our connections are with people whom we have never met face to face, David’s advice for building tangible, real and personal relationships is invaluable:

From the Corner Office to the Home Office – 5 Lessons Learned | David Bush

Until next time…