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This Week in Procurement: Top 10 Read Articles of 2016

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This week I am focusing on sharing the most read articles in 2016 from the AOP Linkfest / This Week in Procurement newsletter.  However, before I start, there are two articles that you must read this week, that I had to share with you…

The first one comes from Derk Erbé, Research Vice President for Procurement at HfS Research.  Derk has been spending a lot of time recently researching the state of procurement in support of the HfS Procurement-as-a-Service Blueprint Report that was published a couple of weeks ago.

Derk reflects on the research he undertook and shares a number of overestimations on what he feels that procurement will look like in two years, and underestimations of what it will look like in ten years (with a hat tip to Amara’s Law and Bill Gates…)

Musings on the Future of Procurement | Derk Erbé, HfS Research

The second “must read” for this week comes from Kate Vitasek of the University of Tennessee and Vested.

Kate’s article is actually very timely.  Earlier in the week, a listener asked me for my advice on using the Kraljic Matrix as a pillar of their organizations sourcing strategy.  I instead directed them to the Seven Sourcing Business Models, which were originally featured in a book that Kate co-authored called Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy.

In this piece, Kate deep dives into the strategic sourcing continuum, and shares tips on how to determine which sourcing model is appropriate for your next sourcing project:

Map Your Way to an Effective Sourcing Strategy | Kate Vitasek


The numbers are in! Here at Art of Procurement, we analyzed thousands of clicks to bring you the Top 10 read articles of 2016 that have been featured on these pages.

In descending order (drum roll please…):

#10: Procurement & the Fourth Industrial Revolution |  Dan Bartel, ABB

#9: Is Rebranding the Solution to All Procurement’s Problems? | Bertrand Maltaverne, POOL4TOOL.

#8: Why I Quit Often | Nicholas Ammaturo, Coach

#7: Now or Never: The Big Procurement Transformation | Jort Meijer, KPMG

#6: Majority of Procurement Organizations are at a Basic Level of Maturity, And Why That Needs to Change | Kaitlyn McAvoy, Spend Matters

#5: 5 Reasons Why Your Procurement Function Does Not Deserve a Seat at the Top Table | Justin Hughes, PA Consulting

#4: Top 10 Tips When Influencing Procurement Stakeholders | Simon Brown, ArcBlue Consulting

#3: The Dinosaur that is Procurement: Get Relevant to Your Business or Become Extinct | Bram Weerts, HfS Research

#2: How to Negotiate with a Liar | Leslie John, Harvard Business Review

and the most clicked on article featured on This Week in Procurement in 2016 is…..

#1: 20 Questions for the New Chief Procurement Officer | Quentin Samelson, IBM

That’s (nearly) all for 2016!

I am putting the finishing touches on one more blog post this year, and then I’ll be closing the shutters for the rest of 2016.  I will be spending the rest of the year preparing for 2017 (I already have a number of great interviews lined up!).

Thank you again for your support over the past 12 months.  As always, if you have suggestions on how I can improve, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Have a great weekend, and I’ll talk to you again in 2017.