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This Week in Procurement

This Week in Procurement: Filling the Talent Pipeline

By March 7, 2020April 5th, 2020No Comments

TOP STORY: How Johnson & Johnson fills its procurement talent pipeline

According to a 2019 Accenture survey, one third of CPOs don’t have the right skills and talent in house to deliver against their transformation plans – despite the fact that nearly all of them (94%) expect significant digital transformation within procurement in the next 3-4 years. In this week’s top story, we read an account of how J&J is addressing the procurement talent crunch. Spoiler alert: their approach is strategic and long term, but it has delivered amazing results.

ON THE POD: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – This Month In Procurement

In this episode, Philip Ideson and I discuss our major take-aways from February’s podcast interviews and share our point of view on a new topic: how to manage a healthy ‘breakup’, managing relationships, responsibilities, and results at the end of a project. We also provide a look ahead to the topics and guests on the schedule for March. 


“It’s one thing to deal with an engineer who wants to choose their own software suppliers, but what was worse was a systematic disdain for policy creation all the way up to the leadership level. There is really no excuse for this.” (Spend Management for StartupsMatthew Ziskie)

“DocuSign’s own research shows that 27% of companies use contract management tools. More companies, 31%, manage contracts using spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel.” (DocuSign Wants to ‘Democratize’ Contract NegotiationsBloomberg Law)

“40% of retail corporations are digitally transforming successfully. In fact, those with a mix of digital and retail commerce are some 50% more likely to be thriving than their peers who are either all digital or all/mostly physical in their commerce patterns, (inc.digital digital DNA research 2019).” (What Lego’s Retail Expansion Teaches Us About Digital Leadership For Any BusinessForbes)

TURN BACK TIME: Previously on the Art of Procurement podcast…

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BITS & PIECES: Dos & Don’ts of Supplier Relationships

+ How to grow supplier relationships effectively (Executive Education)

+ Managing Your Brand Through The Coronavirus Crisis (Forbes)

+ The February ISM-New York Report on Business: Short Term Upturn (Buyers Meeting Point)

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