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This Week in Procurement

This Week in Procurement: (Awkward) Leadership Questions

By February 8, 2020February 23rd, 2020No Comments

TOP STORY: Don’t be embarrassed… questions about leadership

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve known someone for too long to admit you don’t know their name? Awkward! Well, the same exact dynamic can happen in leadership. Especially if you are a top performer, you may find yourself in a leadership position handling situations you wish you were better prepared for. Forbes took 14 common leadership questions to their Coaches Council for insight. The answers are as interesting as the questions themselves.

ON THE POD: Introducing Procurement, Inc. – This Month In Procurement, Episode 300!

As part of our regular monthly recap, we introduced the logic behind the new Procurement, Inc. framework and the updated Art of Procurement website. Procurement, Inc., which you can read more about in this 4-part whitepaper series, combines the values of customer centricity, connectivity, creativity and commercial focus with entrepreneurial ideas about investor value to align procurement performance with corporate objectives.

HEARD ON THE STREET: The mindset shift required for lasting transformation

“In a nutshell, the solution to the coronavirus issue lies in the ability to build end-to-end supply-chain visibility, performance and risk-analysis capabilities. In addition, we need to create responsive planning and execution processes across countries and cultures.” (Supply Chain Brain)

“Lasting transformation cannot occur without mindset, leadership and culture to support it. Disruption is simply change you plan for, change that is welcomed and invited, change as a culture. If you don’t develop a mindset for transformation and future state, infuse this among your organization’s leadership and bleed it into your culture, your company will flounder rather than flourish under disruption.” (HR Executive)

“Digital procurement transformation is no longer an option, it is a must. Ignoring it today will ultimately lead to a loss of procurement’s influence in the organization. On a more positive note, early adopters in digital procurement are already benefiting from incremental cost savings, increased productivity, and substantial improvements in innovation, quality, speed, and risk management.” (Matthias Gutzmann via LinkedIn)

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BITS & PIECES: What is it really like to negotiate with procurement? 

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