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This Week in Procurement

This Week in Procurement: Shoestring Procurement Skills Development

By February 29, 2020March 1st, 2020No Comments

TOP STORY: 10 Critical Skills Your Procurement Team Needs Right Now 

We all know that the work to increase procurement skills will never be complete. Unfortunately, our learning & development budgets are not as bottomless as our desire to learn. In this week’s top story we get advice about the critical skills procurement teams need to focus on now, along with “quick upskill” recommendations from Keith Bird, Managing Director of The Faculty. Top among his recommendations? “For all the latest in technology, you can’t go past industry podcasts.” We second the suggestion!

ON THE POD: How Cimpress Built A Procurement Team That Operates Like A Services Business W/ Evert Karsen

Evert Karsen is the Vice President of Global Procurement at Cimpress. His team functions in a unique set of circumstances: they don’t have a savings target, but they don’t have an executive mandate to lean on with internal stakeholders, either. That combination of conditions has made it possible for them to deliver a wide range of value types while building a services-oriented relationship with the business. 

HEARD ON THE STREET: Building a Healthy CEO/CPO Relationship

“Through delivering strong results and building credibility with the stakeholder community, procurement elevated its position and perception in the business. Moving away from a function, that was seen as a service, involved at the latter stages of any process into one that helped shape commercial decisions from the outset.” (An insight into the CPO / CFO relationship –  Lucy Harding via LinkedIn)

“Among candidates for professional and technical jobs, raising the interview difficulty by even one level, as rated by job seekers on a five-point scale, was enough to lift acceptance rates by 2.6 percentage points, Glassdoor data show.” (Tough Job Interviews Make Candidates More Likely to Take the OfferWSJ, Subscription Required)

“Business leaders are increasingly recognising that the rise of digitalisation will change future business models, said Hackett, which surveyed an undisclosed number of procurement executives at global midsized and large enterprises. Their responses identified five areas where procurement has critical capability gaps that need to be addressed in 2020.” (Organisational resistance blocking procurementCIPS’ Supply Management)

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