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This Week in Procurement

This Week in Procurement: Key Strategies for the Decade Ahead

By January 10, 2020February 23rd, 2020No Comments

Podcast: Defining And Delivering On Supplier Development

If 2019 was the year of emerging technology hype, then 2020 holds the potential to be the year that we turn our attention to the work that needs to be done to derive concrete value from that technology: blockchains included. In this week’s podcast, Philip Ideson speaks with Remko Van Hoek, co-author of Integrating Blockchain into Supply Chain Management. He and his co-authors combine the understandable enthusiasm for distributed ledger technology with the knowledge we have about emerging technologies of the past to provide actionable insight and realistic use cases.

Must Read

Bill Michels is a long time friend of the AOP team, and we have come to both appreciate and rely upon his perspective and candor – especially when we are trying to bring the big picture into focus. In an article posted on LinkedIn on new year’s day, Bill provides his review of the decade that is now behind us and offers up key strategies for the decade ahead. 

What We’re Reading, Watching & Listening To:

+ If you find this week’s podcast with Remko Van Hoek compelling, you’ll also want to read my review of his book on Buyers Meeting Point. The book contains clear explanations of everything you need to know about blockchain as well as some statistics to help you better benchmark where your organization’s blockchain maturity lies.

+ One of the most complex challenges facing supply chains today is how to minimize the waste created by (or lurking in) the food supply chain. Consumers are trying to do their part, but what about grocery stores? Supply Chain Digital provides three ways to reduce food waste – approaches that may hold value for other supply chains as well.

+ Back in October, Efficio’s Simon Whatson told us he was concerned that if “procurement doesn’t reposition itself and come up with a proposition to the business other than administration, ensuring compliance to regulations and cost savings, then it may well cease to exist in the future.” Now he has a new article out on Spend Matters, one in which he goes into greater detail about the importance of digital literacy and soft skills for procurement.

Quick Reads:

+ ISM-New York December Report on Business: Happy New Year? (Buyers Meeting Point)

+ Supply Chain Predictions For 2020: Where Are We Headed? (Strategic Sourceror)

+ Putting the “CURE” back in Procurement in 2020 (Ms Category Management)

+ The Secrets of Successful Female Networkers (HBR)

+ Most Visited Articles and Pages on Public Spend Forum – 2019 (Public Spend Forum)

Looking Back

+ This week in 2019: Episode 234: How To Help Your Millennial And Gen Z Colleagues Succeed And Shape The Future Of Procurement W/ Charlotte De Brabandt And Yannick Blättler

+ This week in 2018: Episode 166: Laying The Foundations For A Role Change

+ This week in 2017: Episode 117: How To Develop, Deploy And Retain A Team Of Procurement Superheroes W/ Mark Trowbridge


Between this week’s podcast and the things we’re reading, it is clear that procurement’s recent emphasis on emerging technology and ‘soft’ skills is likely to continue through 2020. Pick one area of digital technology or one soft skill that you need to invest in. Then do a quick Google search and read an article on that topic. (If you need a hand finding something to read, let us know – we’re happy to help).


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