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This Week in Procurement: No Seat at the Table? Time to Build Your Own Chair

Written by Philip Ideson

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Nicholas Ammaturo is a true rising star, and I have always enjoyed reading his pieces.  In today’s Must Read, Nicholas compels us to work together to raise the external profile of the procurement professional.

“Stop complaining that you have to always justify your value. You alone are not going to solve the big issues at your company. You can create some great traction and maybe even get that seat at the leadership table, but keep in mind that it only takes one re-structuring to lose that seat once more. The solution? Get out there and educate.”

Check out the article in full, here:

No Seat at the Table? Time to Build Your Own Chair | Nicholas Ammaturo, Coach


Ghandian Approach Towards Procurement |  Datta Hegde, Visteon Corporation

From Stalwart to Wunderkid: 5 Procurement Role Models | Sydney Lazarus, Spend Matters

Procurement Without Bias: Taking Supplier Diversity Beyond a Spending Goal | Dr. Marcell Vollmer, SAP Ariba

How To… Successful SaaS Procurement | Alan Ivory, etouches

Accelerating Supplier Innovation | David Rae, Procurement Leaders



This week saw Coupa’s first quarterly report as a public company.  Check out a summary of their results here, and an edited earnings call transcript, here.



“I don’t think that most large companies will have a back office in 10 years. I think that the idea you have a procurement department, you have all of these cost centers that are not contributing to the top line is just going to be gone. We are digitizing and automating our way out of most activities. Procurement has to become a strategic revenue driver, and if procurement resists, other people in the business will do it for them”

– Christian Lanng, Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman of Tradeshift in Art of Procurement Episode 80: Disruptive Innovation and the Future of Procurement



112: How a Procurement Outsider Powered Transformation at AEP w/ Matt Curtis

113: How to Make Your Supplier Happy this Christmas w/ Philip Ideson



I passionately believe that one of the key ways that procurement can bring value to our stakeholders is to help them understand and lever the game-changing technologies that are impacting their area of expertise.

With that in mind, I came across this article from Business Insider:

51 Enterprise Startups to Bet Your Career On in 2017

How many of these startup’s could impact your key stakeholder?

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