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This Week in Procurement: The Advent Calendar Challenge

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Over the next couple of weeks, we will be hit with a deluge of Christmas and procurement stories. However, I’ll put me neck on the line and say that none will be as imaginative and action orientated as today’s “must read”.Friend of the show Chris Cliffe first suggested the concept behind his article a couple of weeks ago and I loved it! It is so simple, but a great way to engage with suppliers – whether you use them today or not – over this holiday season.

Supplier Engagement – The Advent Calendar Challenge!

(if you accept the challenge, let Chris know in the comments…)


Why Gainsharing Fails
 |  Kate Vitasek, University of Tennessee & Vested

(I couldn’t agree more with Kate on this, particularly when sourcing procurement related services where gainsharing is based on cost savings achieved.  In my experience, when used as a stick, gainsharing does more damage than good by incentivizing the wrong behaviors on all sides)

The Trump Presidency: What it Means for Global Trade | Travis Bickham, Tradeshift

Are You Ready for Blockchain? Or SMAC/BRAID? Preparing Yourself for the Digital Revolution
| Allison Ford-Langstaff, Future Purchasing

1-3-1: Better Supplier Collaboration
| Anthony Gluyas, Accenture

(hint: get out of the office!)

Who Should Make Buying Decisions?
| Tim Cummins, IACCM
(food for thought – will the procurement of today eventually be integrated into business units?)
Sustainable Procurement, a Myth? | Bertrand Maltaverne, POOL4TOOL

Tackling Three Major Myths about Procurement Automation
| Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point
Porter, Five Forces and Procurement Suites | Jason Busch, Spend Matters

Reverse Auctions: Turning the Procurement Process Upside Down
| Tammy Rimes (focusing on public procurement, the article has a nice shoutout for my local Corona-Norco school district)

The Evolving Landscape of Workforce Sourcing: Google and Amazon Arrive
| Andrew Karpie, Spend Matters


Richmond B.C.’s Procurify Raised $7M Series A Round
 | Terry Dawes, Cantech Letter



“RFP’s can be very restrictive and we have to be careful with their use. We paint somebody into a corner of just answering yes or no, and there’s so much more information out there that we should be gathering.”

– Dave Hulsen, RFP365 from Art of Procurement Episode 36: How to Write a Killer RFP



108: How to Procure Travel More Strategically by Measuring Outcomes, Not Savings w/ Scott Gillespie.

109: The Importance of Mindset in Challenging the Status Quo w/ Elisabeth Schlag Lawrence.



This week’s “Other Stuff” stays on the topic of procurement!

Prior to the ProcureCon EU conference that took place a couple of weeks ago, I received an email saying that a selection of the presentations were to be made available on-demand in video format.

ProcureCon just posted the video’s this week – there are eleven different video’s, the vast majority coming from practitioners sharing their stories on increasing the procurement capabilities within their teams.

The only drawback is that email registration is required to view the video’s. The good news though, is that they are free.  Check it out here:

ProcureCon EU: On Demand

(note: for full disclosure, Art of Procurement is a media partner for ProcureCon Indirect. However, that did not influence my recommendation of these videos!)


Have a great weekend!