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This Week in Procurement

This Week in Procurement: Joy is the Leading Indicator

By November 22, 2019February 23rd, 2020No Comments

A CPO’s Guide To 2020 Planning

In this week’s podcast, Philip Ideson is joined by two members of the Procurement Leaders team: David Rae, their Chief Product Officer, and Geraldine Craven, Head of Research. They recently completed a study to understand what is likely to change with the arrival of 2020 and what will remain the same. In this conversation, they’ll share the key takeaways from the 2020 CPO Planning Guide. 

Must Read

This week’s must read is a find from Coupa CEO Rob Bernshteyn: Joy is the leading indicator. According to this article on ChiefExecutive.net, the c-suite may be able to head off problems long before they affect the customer or appear on the balance sheet just by watching their employees at work. If you don’t love the game, it is exceptionally hard to win – let alone win others over. This article provides meaningful illustrations and potential action steps for baselining the joy-factor in your company.

Looking Back

+ This week in 2018: Episode 229: Help Me Plan For… 

+ This week in 2017: Episode161: Sourcing Optimization Is About Visibility, Not Complexity W/ Alan Holland

+ This week in 2016: Episode 107: 5 Tips To Maintaining Your Supplier Relationship After A Tough Negotiation

What We’re Reading, Watching & Listening To:

+ Would you pay more (in some categories) to get products that are more sustainable? According to new research from ISM, between 48 and 67% of companies say they would pay more for capital equipment, office supplies and manufacturing components if they would be more sustainable.

+ According to Hays, only 35% of professionals being mentored “are confident” about what is expected of them. Like most other efforts, you get out of a mentoring relationship what you put into it – and that goes for the mentee as well as the mentor. Anyone being mentored should expect to invest in the journey so that they can fully own the results.

+ Blockchain – or, more specifically, distributed ledger technology – is inching its way closer to the mainstream. For proof, look no further than recent news from Wal-Mart Canada. They’ve just implemented a full production DLT solution focused on freight and payments. Thanks to Scott Luton at Supply Chain Now Radio for the share!

Quick Reads:

+ Procurement 2020… Will anything change? (ATSC Blog)

+ Trends in Payment Terms (IACCM’s Commitment Matters)

+ What’s your trigger for action? (The Purchasing Coach)

+ The Future of Work and Procurement: Are They Linked? (CPO Rising)

+ In Search of Influence (The Procurement Pracademic)


In this week’s must read, we learned about the benefits of taking the emotional ‘temperature’ of employees as a way of heading off problems before they reach the outside world. When was the last time you checked in with the general sentiment in your company? Pick a common area – the coffee spot, cafeteria or entryway – and observe. Are people happy? Busy? Frazzled? Dragging? Sometimes the first step towards fixing a problem is discovering that it exists.



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