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This Week in Procurement

This Week in Procurement: Take a Disney Approach to Procurement

By November 11, 2016February 23rd, 2020No Comments

This week is a blockbuster edition of This Week in Procurement.  I came across a number of articles this week that piqued my interest – it feels like the pre-election nerves / post election euphoria/depression inspired a number of people to put pen to paper!There was one article however that stood out, and is this week’s “must read”.  Titled, “Take the Disney Approach to Procurement”, Tania Seary of Procurious explored how storytelling is at the heart of every successful change program.

I wholeheartedly agree with Tania on this topic. Whether your are involved in a transformation program, or are attempting to change the hearts of minds of your stakeholders, I recommend acting on Tania’s advice.




Diageo: Zero-Based Budgeting is the “New Normal” |  Leonie Roderick, Marketing Week.

(I hear more and more each year about companies implementing Zero-Based Budgeting, and I’m looking to explore the impact that this has on procurement on the Art of Procurement.  When doing a bit of digging I came across an interesting presentation: Zero-Based Budgeting “Procurement’s New Best Friend”.  It was presented by Mark Dady, CPO of Mondelez International at a CIPS conference earlier in the year.  If you are interested in another case study, check it out).

Public Procurement 2020 | Michael Keating, American City & County.

Is Your Senior Management asking for Value Beyond Savings? | Stephany Lapierre, tealbook.

Procurement Innovation Personas Revealed: Which are You? | Daniel Ball, Wax Digital

Low Management Expectations Lead to Poor Performance | Bill Michels, Aripart Consulting

Supplier Selection and the US Presidential Selection | Alison Smith, The Purchasing Coach

How As-a-Service Coming of Age Changes the Dynamic in the Procurement BPO Market | Derk Erbe, HfS Research



The Procurement & Spend Management Market Update – Q3 2016 | Edbury Daley

(If you are in the UK, I highly recommend you download the quarterly report on the health of the procurement recruitment market that Edbury Daley publish.  The  Q3 2016 report was published this week).



“We need to ask our stakeholders ‘what are you focused on?’ Let them talk about themselves, and then we can go back and figure out what we can do to help them”

– Chris Sawchuk of The Hackett Group, from What are Procurement’s Blind Spots and How Can We Address Them?



104: Decision Points on the Journey to Becoming a CPO w/ Alex Brown, CPO, GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

105: US Elections – Proactive Risk Management in Uncertain Times – Friday Show

I spent some time with Lynn Bruno of Coupa a couple of weeks ago reflecting on the Art of Procurement’s first birthday.  Lynn wrote up our discussion in the form of a Q&A and published this week on the Coupa blog.  You can check it out here: Procurement’s First Subscription Podcast Turns One.



Well, what an “interesting week”.  How interesting depends on your political stripes!  I spent a lot (too much?) of the week engrossed in reading about the election.  Here are the articles that made me think the most:

Off the Lows | Joshua Brown, The Reformed Broker.

What a Difference 2 Percentage Points Make | Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight.

Political Risk, Trump and Polls – The Threat of Misforecasts | Jonathan Webb, Procurement Leaders

Here is What Donald Trump Wants to Do in his First 100 Days | Amita Kelly & Barbara Sprunt, NPR (it will be interesting to see how this changes with the realities of governance…)

Ok, one last thing.  It’s nothing to do with the election… but something that shocked me as a Brit making a new home in the US.  It’s time to give your employees more vacation, America!

The Average American Worker Takes Less Vacation Time than a Medieval Peasant | Lynn Parramore, Reuters.

Have a great weekend,

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