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The State of Supplier Diversity in 2022: Progress. Process. Empowerment.

By December 1, 2022May 31st, 2023No Comments

Supplier diversity professionals have good reason to celebrate in 2022. Companies clearly see a connection between supplier diversity and workplace culture. They recognize that their commitment to supplier diversity is also an investment in the employee experience.

The 2022 State of Supplier Diversity Report received the highest level of annual participation since it was first run in 2017. Over 200 companies of different sizes and industries shared their current status, best practices, operational challenges, and vision for the future. They see evidence that the good news is real but also recognize that there is still work to be done.

In this livestream-based interview, Aylin Basom, CEO of supplier.io., and Lois Eichacker, Vice President of Customer Success at supplier.io, joined Kelly Barner and Scott Luton to share the most compelling findings from this year’s report and interact with the exceptional Dial P audience.

They took this opportunity to comment on the report’s three key findings, putting them into context and making them actionable for all organizations:

  • Corporate buy in for supplier diversity is stronger than ever, with the most effective programs truly and meaningfully engaging their executive leadership teams
  • Challenges remain between the vision of supplier diversity and the operational reality, but best practices have emerged that significantly increase support below the C-level
  • Ensuring that quantitative measurement not only happens, but is made as easy and efficient as possible, helps supplier diversity managers focus their efforts where they are most needed
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