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At Art of Procurement we understand the power that a focus on outcomes can have.  It’s not just in the context of the categories and suppliers that we manage where outcomes feature strongly on our list of things to achieve.

We know that the drive to implement digital solutions to support what we do has the potential to transform the value we deliver.  If we’re not careful, we might lose sight of the outcomes and be carried away by the function and form that procurement tech offers.

In 2021, accelerating procurement digital transformation was ranked as one of the top 5 CPO agenda items by the Hackett Group 2021 Key Issues Study. In a particularly forward-looking presentation, McKinsey & Co calls out 10 ‘Disrupting Imperatives’ – strongly suggesting that tech will continue to be a disrupting influence for the next few years.

It is clear; procurement needs to get to grips with digital transformation and it needs to do that now.

AOP Digital Outcomes on March 8-10th will bring together a group of experts from industry, technology, academia, and investing who will focus on how digitization can help procurement drive measurable business outcomes rather than discussing features and benefits.

In the three days of the event, we will cover three themes – Strategy, Speed and Scale – in sessions that run from  11am – 1 pm US Eastern Time.

Join us to discuss procurement transformation and focus on what matters most – the outcomes that those digital transformations deliver.

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