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The Changing World of Work and Your Contingent Workforce

By April 12, 2022No Comments

The world of work has been irreversibly changed over the last two years. For individuals, all of this upheaval may have meant joining ‘The Great Resignation’ – going out on their own or making a career change. Where this trend will go longer term remains to be seen. 

This shift has had implications for hiring companies as well – implications that extend beyond hiring managers and Human Resources departments to include procurement.

Regardless of what percent of your talent strategy is addressed through contingent workforce, the share is likely growing. This dynamic is creating a new challenge for procurement teams: avoiding the trap of looking at contingent workforce from a purely historical cost-driven point of view. 

Like all other categories of spend, contingent workforce is being transformed by digital approaches. Procurement teams that are open to the new potential for value creation will have the opportunity to increase the quality of talent while reducing friction for internal consumers. Teams that are overcome by change aversion will miss that opportunity and put themselves at risk of being ‘worked around’ as the business strives to meet its talent needs by whatever means necessary.

In a recent AOP Live session, two members of the Worksome team, Morten Petersen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Worksome, and James Nicholls, Head of Enterprise at Worksome, answered live audience questions about how procurement can empower the whole organization to achieve an expanded contingent workforce ROI.

Watch the event on demand and hear their perspective on:

  • Why increased engagement in the contingent workforce category is the shortest path to a winning talent strategy
  • The critical opportunity for hiring managers that are willing to be hands-on during the hiring process, allowing their personalities and character to help win over the best talent
  • How contingent workforce contract terms are changing in response to increased demand and general labor trends

Click here to watch the event on demand.

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