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#TakeAction with a Special Offer for Procurement Teams

By November 27, 2018January 4th, 2019No Comments

There is no doubt that transformation is hard, especially at scale! It requires change across an entire team. Just one or two ‘stars’ will not lead to sustainable change.

In the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, my team and I have put together a special offer to make it a ‘no-brainer’ to join The CatalystCo Platform – Team edition. It provides the education, inspiration, roadmap, and accountability needed to #takeaction! And with our microlearning approach, your team will never be overwhelmed. 

Between now and December 3, gain access to The CatalystCo Platform’s Team Version for as low as $900 per learner, per year. 

This is a completely new approach to procurement capability development: 

  • Content curated by CatalystCo and aligned with the six personas of a well-rounded procurement professional (The Catalyst, The Technician, The Builder, The Architect, The Pragmatist, The Coach). It also includes access to our searchable content library.
  • Personas access is customized based on each person’s targeted development area and their professional development maturity level.
  • A private learning environment (with a minimum investment, see below) allows team members to discuss content and action items as a group, within smaller teams, or 1:1.
  • Accountability is embedded in the tool, including a Manager Guide (see image, below) that facilitates offline or ‘on the job’ learning and learner engagement reporting.
  • Customizable learner path for your company that helps contextualize The CatalystCo Platform in the context of your overall procurement learning and capability development goals.

A screenshot from the Manager Guide which enables facilitated accountability within The CatalystCo Platform. Click here to download a sample Manager Guide.

The fine print:

  • 12-month subscription
  • Offer valid from November 26th – December 1 2018.  You must indicate an expression of interest by December 1st, and issue a purchase order by December 17th.
  • Once you have expressed an interest, we will connect so you can make a final purchase decision on The CatalystCo Platform – Team edition for 2019.
  • $1000 per learner for the first 15 learners; $900 per learner for the next 10 learners.  We will provide you a custom quote reflecting our Cyber Monday pricing discounts if your team has more than 25 learners.
  • With a minimum investment of $5,000 a year: Team members join the CatalystCo Community group, but with a tailored path just for your company, and a private onboarding workshop. (note: they can still communicate with their team members via the platform). Designated team leaders also receive access to the CatalystCo Manager Guide, which provides reports on their team members engagement. 
  • With a minimum investment of $12,000 a year: Team members join the CatalystCo Community group, but will engage in learner paths consisting only of members from your company, with a tailored path for your company and a private onboarding workshop. Designated team leaders receive access to the CatalystCo Manager Guide.
  • Development of tailored paths will take place in 2018; Go-Live and Onboarding will have staggered starts between Jan 2 and January 11.
  • Note: for investments of less than $5,000, team members will not have access to a tailored learning path built for your company but will still receive a private onboarding workshop.


A new year presents a great opportunity to integrate The CatalystCo Platform into your team’s development program and to connect engagement with their formal goals and objectives.  

To express your interest, just email us directly and we will get right back to you to schedule an initial discussion.

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