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Challenging the Status Quo w/ Huntington National Bank, Russell Investments, and University of Tennessee (SIG Future of Sourcing Awards Series)

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Welcome to a special edition of the Sourcing Industry Landscape podcast, hosted by Dawn Tiura, where we highlight Sourcing Star Award finalists for Sourcing Industry Group’s (SIG) Future of Sourcing Awards.

The finalists on this show have challenged the status quo over the course of their careers to achieve impressive results against the odds.

The Sourcing Star Award will recognize an individual who has demonstrated inspiring, insightful and innovative work in the sourcing field over the course of their career in the space.

About the Guests:

  • Debbie Manos-McHenry, Chief Sourcing Officer, Huntington National Bank – Debbie has led significant technology projects and is regarded for her ability to sustain year-over-year savings in a lean environment. She shares wisdom from her impressive career: don’t run from adopting new technology, retain and train team members who can evolve into strategic roles, and embrace the power and knowledge that can be derived from data.
  • Jennifer Shepherd, Director of Global Sourcing and Procurement, Russell Investments – Jennifer shares how she led a comprehensive telecom transformation project to drive 90-percent savings by winning over adversarial stakeholders and changing her organization’s consumption of telecom technology. Even though she is a big proponent of process, she advocates for thinking outside of the box and, against the odds, not taking no for a final answer.
  • Kate Vitasek, Faculty and Author, University of Tennessee (UT) – Kate is the thought leader and creator behind the Vested Sourcing Business Model, which grew out of her research team at UT. She has authored six books on this concept over the course of 18 years that have led global companies to achieve significant cost savings and improvements. As an educator, researcher and sourcing expert, Kate advocates for challenging the old way of doing business and shares how her background in supply chain management has influenced her Vested methodology.

About this Series:

Over the coming weeks, listeners will be introduced to the teams and individuals whose work has had significant impacts on the industry, the organizations for which they work and their colleagues. The Future of Sourcing Awards will take place at SIG’s Fall Global Executive Summit on October 17 in Rancho Mirage, California.

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