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117: How to Develop, Deploy and Retain a Team of Procurement Superheroes w/ Mark Trowbridge

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Today’s guest on the Art of Procurement is Mark Trowbridge, the co-founder and Principal of Strategic Procurement Solutions, and the former Director of Sourcing and Contracts at Bank of America.

Mark is a published author, and a regular presenter at procurement and supply chain conferences. In fact, it was at the recent ISM Indirect conference in December that Mark and I met. As I got to know Mark I knew that I needed to invite him onto the show, and fortunately he accepted my invite without reservation.

The main topic of today’s conversation is the notion of procurement superheroes – what are their characteristics, how can procurement leaders best deploy, and retain them.

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“Procurement superheroes are less concerned with doing everything perfectly than adding value to everything they touch.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why procurement is making a shift back to full value procurement
  • Why CPO’s are being replaced by business leaders, and what procurement leaders can do to stop the trend.
  • Why e-auctions and competitive bidding events do not always lead you to the lowest cost, and what you can do instead.
  • The 6 key attributes of procurement superheroes, and how they are changing as the procurement value proposition evolves.
  • How a procurement leader can build an environment to help all employees act at the superhero level.
  • Mark explains the concept of taking intelligent risks that has had a big impact on his thinking.
  • What are the right ways and wrong ways to position savings reporting?
  • Mark’s two resolutions for procurement in 2017.

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