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Spend Matters UK/Europe Covers the Palambridge Launch

By March 30, 2017January 4th, 2019No Comments

On March 30th, Peter Smith of Spend Matters UK/Europe ran the first of two pieces on Palambridge. His comments were based on a conversation with my co-founder Philip Ideson shortly before our launch, a chat that he will share more from in a subsequent post.

Many of Palambridge’s competitive advantages resonated with Smith, including:

Our Exceptional Partners

As Smith pointed out, “Ideson, along with Kelly Barner and others have put together a group of consulting and solution provider firms, some very small, some a little bigger, but all genuinely deep experts in some aspect of the procurement and supply chain world.… At first sight, we’re impressed by the calibre of the people involved.”

The core strength of Palambridge comes from our platform, which brings together services, technology, and intelligence – all from partners that share our daring view for the future of procurement. Being disruptive is as much about mindset as action, and we carefully selected partners that were aligned with delivering best of breed solutions through a flexible model.

A sampling of our partners…

Our Flexible Pricing Model

High quality procurement consulting and managed services are not new – but they are usually so expensive that many companies were prevented from accessing their value. The traditionally high price tag also elevates risk and prevents investments in other areas of procurement capability.

Smith describes our credit-based model as an “interesting concept in terms of business model” for its ability to bring several different platform components into one cohesive, affordable solution. We’ve already fielded many questions about our unique pricing model, one that positions Palambridge as agile and low-risk, despite our just-launched status.

You can’t lead disruption by taking a conventional approach. We welcome all discussion of the Palambridge platform that, like Smith’s, combine enthusiasm for this new model with an interest in further inquiry.

Click here to read Spend Matters UK/Europe’s initial coverage of Palambridge:

Palambridge – Innovative Model for Firm Entering Procurement Consulting Marketplace

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