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146: How to Bring Trust & Transparency to the Savings Reporting Process w/ Pierre Lapree

By July 31, 2017 January 4th, 2019 No Comments

Joining me today on the show is Pierre Lapree.  Pierre founded Per Angusta, a procurement project pipeline and performance tracking tool, over four years ago following a career within IT, and then procurement, at staffing firm Adecco.

Today, we talk all about the savings process.  Specifically, what are the actions that we can take to bring trust, transparency and consistency to the savings tracking process. It is widely reported that CFO’s neither trust our reported numbers, nor see the majority of our claimed savings dropping to the bottom line.  So, what can we do to bridge the gap.

Listen in as Pierre and I discuss the best practices that we have observed and implemented throughout our careers – both as practitioners and service providers.

know this is not necessarily what most people think or write in the profession today, but savings are our thing. I mean if you bring savings to your CFO, if we bring savings to a stakeholder so that they can do more with the same budget, they will like it and I’m going even a bit further, a step further. I truly believe that a procurement function that does not help contain or reduce costs, it has no reason to be there.” – Pierre Lapree, Founder Per Angusta

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