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RPA is Here to Stay w/ Ian Barkin – The Sourcing Industry Landscape Podcast

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Welcome to the latest Sourcing Industry Landscape podcast, hosted by Dawn Tiura.

Today’s guest is Ian Barkin, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Symphony Ventures, a professional services firm that helps enterprises leverage automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and innovative resourcing solutions.

When it comes to implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into workplace culture, Ian is sympathetic to workers’ concerns. His solution is to show workers that RPA can eliminate mundane tasks to allow teams and business units to redirect their passions to a higher order of activities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ian believes that RPA will be the fabric for how business is done in the future. While implementation is a big first step, the data will provide insight into areas of the business that previously were not visible, which can provide competitive advantages.
  • Don’t be afraid to more confidently build your network, especially among academics, visionaries and decision makers, and take on a mentor who can help you build those connections along the way.
  • Ian stresses the importance of putting in the hours to become an expert in your field of interest. By learning the business or industry from the ground up, you will position yourself as an asset and be a key player when it comes time to innovate.

About the Guest:

Ian is an experienced innovator and transformation leader. He has built several industry leading Innovation Labs and has been at the forefront of trends including Internet of Things, supply chain BPO, Robotic Process Automation and User Experience Design.

Ian’s focus at Symphony is to design digital operations strategies, incorporating the Symphony Digital Ecosystem of partners, and future-proof delivery models including Robotic BPO (R-BPO), Managed Centers of Excellence (M-COE), and Digital Design thinking.

About the Company:

Symphony is a professional services firm passionate about creating value for the world’s leading organizations by designing, delivering and managing truly modern business processes.

As thought leaders, Symphony Ventures redefines the approaches and shapes the technologies that will allow clients to unlock the value of their organization.

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