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036: How to Write a Killer RFP, with Dave Hulsen of RFP365

In this episode of the Art of Procurement, I am joined by Dave Hulsen, co-founder of an RFP collaboration platform called RFP365.

I have often felt that, as procurement professionals, we can sometimes abuse the RFP process.  Therefore, I was really interested in talking with Dave, and learning how we can take our RFP’s from being a burdensome exercise in paper shuffling to being a key tool that brings value to the sourcing process – for both Buyer’s and Sellers.

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“RFP’s can be very restrictive and we have to be careful with their use. We paint somebody into a corner of just answering yes or no, and there’s so much more information out there that we should be gathering.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Dave’s background and how he entered the procurement software business.
  • The 3 tips dave took from his military mentors into his business career.
  • Why his product specialises in just the RFP niche.
  • Some common pitfalls associated with RFPs and what we can do to avoid them.
  • How we can make sure that we’re maximizing the effect of what is really a primary tool in the procurement toolbox.
  • Some of the biggest mistakes seen that buyers make when they build and issue an RFP.
  • Challenges faced by suppliers as RFPS come in.
  • The perspective from sellers when they receive bad RFPs and how they react to them.
  • How to successfully make the RFP a two way process rather than a one way process.
  • When to use an RFP compared to an RFI or even just a quick phone call with the supplier.
  • Why communication is key in the RFP Process.
  • Dave’s recommendation on the one thing that a buyer should do on their next RFP that would really have the greatest impact on how effective it would be.

Episode Transcript (PDF):

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Philip Ideson

Philip Ideson is passionate about the role that procurement professionals and leaders can plan in creating competitive advantage for their organizations in ways that go beyond the traditional value proposition.

Philip founded Art of Procurement as a way for the procurement community to learn from each other, increasing the impact they have on their organizations. In 2017, he co-founded Palambridge, a virtual platform of procurement experts, technology, and intelligence. Palambridge provides a broad range of flexible procurement solutions, available on-demand.

Prior to Art of Procurement and Palambridge, Philip enjoyed a career that spanned the procurement value chain, working across three continents for organizations such as Accenture, Procurian, Ally Financial, Pfizer and Ford Motor Company.

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