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Procurement leaders can only create value if they have access to the internal resources they need to meet aggressive goals or take advantage of opportunities. Those resources need to have sufficient experience, seniority and bandwidth.

Traditionally, resource constraints have forced procurement to hire independent consultants, staffing firms, or large consulting companies. The selection process for such a large engagement can be lengthy and expensive, and in the case of consultants, the service they provide is only as strong as their available bench.

AOP Experts On-Demand provides access to a broad, deep network of subject matter experts who apply their experience in their chosen field to your challenge or opportunity using a consistent and familiar delivery approach, our Procurement, Inc. framework.

Comparing our Experts On-Demand Project & Interim Support Services

Independent Contractor

Independent consultants or placed contractors


  • Single-category expertise


  • Long hiring and onboarding process
  • No remedy/recourse for poor performance

Experts On-Demand Project & Interim Support

On-call access to category subject matter experts


  • Experts across geographies
  • Indirect categories & procurement transformation
  • Single provider relationship
  • Consistent delivery approach
  • Quickly scalable
  • Flexible commercial models

Large Consulting Firm

Consulting programs covering multiple categories or end-to-end transformations.


  • Broad category coverage with deep expertise in select categories.


  • Level of expertise received based on internal resource availability
  • Inflexible commercial models

Compare our Experts On-Demand Advisory Model with Traditional Alternatives

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