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This Week in Procurement: How Procurement Can Change the World

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Back when I was a Buyer I would make sourcing recommendations based only on their direct impact to my company – considering which deal provided the best value for money given the needs of the business.  What I rarely considered was the impact of that sourcing decision on the world outside my bubble.Today’s Must Read is a call to action – to consider the external as well as internal implications of selecting a particular supplier or solution and the impact on job creation, the environment and even socially. These are often missed from our evaluation spreadsheets, but provide benefits that can often be tied back to other corporate initiatives.To find out more, check out this week’s Must Read:How Procurement Can Change the World | Rod Robinson, ConnXus


Why Do High Quality Suppliers Pass Over Big RFQ/RFP’s?
| Robert Handfield, NC State University & The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative

Procurement – It’s Time for a Re-birth | Tim Cummins, IACCM

4 Habits That Can Sink a Procurement Consultant’s Career | Rebecca Karp, Sourcing Synergies

Going Paperless in Procurement | John Montenero, CPO, City of Palo Alto, California

Behavioural Procurement (the Disruptor to Logical and Rational Thinking) | David Loseby, Group Procurement Director, Inchcape plc

(note, for your long read this week, I’d highly recommend you click through to the white paper that David wrote on this topic – it is not behind any email firewall)

Where is Procurement Going? 3 Key Insights from ProcureCon’s 2017 CPO Study | Sydney Lazarus, Spend Matters

Immigration Worries for Outsourcing | Jamie Liddell, Outsource Magazine

Negotiating with Consultants – the Insider Perspective | Bill Michels, Aripart Consulting

Hidden Profit Potential: Time to Merge Commercial & Procurement in Project-Based Businesses?
| Andrzej Gielata


The Story Behind the Numbers: The January 2017 ISM-New York Report on Business | Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point.

IBM Starts Using Watson AI to Buy Online Media in the UK | Jennifer Faull, The Drum


This week’s Art of Procurement podcast is shaping up to be the most listened yet! I interview long-time procurement expert Bill Huber to get his perspective on a number of the issues that are on the minds of CPO’s today, with a focus on the impact of digitization.  If you haven’t listened already, check it out below, or listen in using your favorite podcast app on your smartphone.

Podcast: Be Prepared: Why Digitization will Transform What and How We Buy w/ Bill Huber


This weeks “Other” article comes from AOP alumni Stephany Lapierre, Stephany shares her learnings from 10 years of entrepreneurship.  As I read this, I realized how relevant these same tips are for those starting to build or transform an internal procurement organization.  At the end of the day, a procurement function is built to serve its customers – both internal and external – and I have always strongly believed we should build them as an internal business, not a department:

From Entrepreneur to CEO | Stephany Lapierre, tealbook

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