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This Week in Procurement: You Appointed WHO As The New CPO?

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Today’s “Must Read” is about a topic that I am hearing more and more anecdotally, and seeing with my own eyes – that the next generation of CPO’s is coming from outside of procurement.

This has a tremendous impact on the future of the procurement career. I know when I first mapped out my career – and the decisions I took over the first 12 or 13 years – were all based on getting as diverse a range of experiences across procurement so that I could position myself as a CPO candidate. But is that now enough? While the majority of CPO roles are still being provided by procurement professionals, the trend is clear… and should be seen as a call to action.

Today’s “Must Read” gives some pointers on where to start:

You Appointed WHO As The New CPO? | Procurious


6 Considerations to Create A Culture of Procurement Disruption | Celia Jordaan, Ichiban Commercial Solutions < This is an older article that I only just stumbled across it this week – however, I had to share!

Indirect Procurement: Leading By Taking Responsibility | Pauline King, Procurious

Sustainable Procurement – Becoming More Widespread and More Important | Nancy Clinton, Spend Matters

Procurement And Its Role in the Gig Economy | Elaine Porteous, Procurious

You do not need a ‘seat at the table.’ | Sara Walsh Evans, The Respectory

Are You and Your Supply Chain Ready for Import Tariffs? | Robert A. Rudzki, Supply Chain Management Review


I don’t have any procurement and service provider news to share this week!  If you have anything to share for consideration in a future This Week in Procurement, send details to:


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I continue to be both interested and somewhat confused over the potential impact that Blockchain could have on procurement, and in fact I’m really looking forward to recording a show on this topic in the next couple of weeks.

I came across this article – published a couple of weeks ago – that explores the potential for Blockchain, and specifically the notion of smart contracts. Time will tell if and how Blockchain will impact procurement, but it is definitely worth keeping an eye on!

Blockchain: A new hope, or just hype? | World Economic Forum