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Mar 18
Interview: Recruiting within Procurement: Staying Connected in an Automated Future
Sourcing Solved Corporate Blog
Mar 6
Interview: The New Role of R&D Procurement in Pharma
Advanced R&D Procurement in Pharma Event
Feb 25
Interview: Insider Secrets To Working With Procurement As A Consultant w/ Philip Ideson
Consulting Success Podcast
Feb 21
Featured: AoP Nudge: A New Kind Of Procurement Training
The Strategic Sourceror
Feb 4
Featured: What are the 15 Best Account Management Blogs of 2019?
Account Manager Tips Blog & Podcast
Feb 1
Featured: 3 Podcasts for Public Procurement Professionals
Bonfire Corporate Blog
Jan 23
News: The Art Of Procurement Unifies Its Brand And Looks To The Future
The Strategic Sourceror
Jan 10
AOP Nudge Review: Procurement Training You’ll Actually Use
UNA Corporate Blog


Dec 31
Article: Procurement... A Way of Being (Best of '18)
The Procurement Magazine Italia
Dec 13
Article: Fundamental Truth - Stakeholders Avoid Procurement
Future of Sourcing Digital
Dec 1
Article: Fundamental Truth - RFP's Will Show us the Way
Future of Sourcing Digital
Oct 18
Article: Fundamental Truth - Less (Suppliers) is More?
Future of Sourcing Digital
Oct 7
Article: 11 Procurement Experts Give Advice on Improving Supplier Relationship Management
RFP360 Corporate Blog
Sep 21
Article: Spend Size = Spend Importance, Or Does It?
Future of Sourcing Digital
Aug 24
Article: Challenging Ourselves - Be the Change
Future of Sourcing Digital
Jul 12
Article: Why We Should Stop Chasing "Best in Class"
Future of Sourcing Digital
Jun 22
Article: Forging an Alliance Between Procurement and our Stakeholders
Future of Sourcing Digital
Jun 19
Article: The Value of Benchmarking
JAGGAER Corporate Blog
Jun 4
Podcast: Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives - The Right Mindset
Source One Podcast
Jun 4
Whitepaper: Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives - The Right Mindset
Source One eBook
May 21
Podcast: Why Do We Care About Savings?
Negotiation Ninja Podcast
May 10
Article: The Paradox of the Designated Survivor
Future of Sourcing Digital
Apr 23
Article: Procurement Outsourcing - Warming to the Catalysts in our Midst
Future of Sourcing Digital
Feb 3
Podcast: Is Procurement at the Risk of Extinction?
Future Procurement Podcast


Oct 26
Article: Procurement Expertise Platform Palambridge to Use Direct Sourcing Exchange MBO Connect
Spend Matters
Aug 21
Guest Post: Talking with Woz on Innovation, Change and Branding
Coupa Corporate Blog
Aug 18
Guest Post: Using Future Procurement Trends to Your Advantage
Procurement Leaders Magazine
Aug 14
Feature: Procurement - Delivering Value Beyond Savings
Sourcing Solved Blog
Aug 11
Guest Post: Four Tips for Successful Outsourcing
Procurement Leaders
Aug 8
Article: Shake Up Your Talent Acquisition -- Kill The Rate Card To Improve ROI
Apr 19
Article: Agile Procurement - What is It and How to Achieve It
JAGGAER Corporate Blog
Apr 13
Article: More on Palambridge – A New Model For Procurement Consulting
Spend Matters
Mar 31
Article: Procurement Think Tanks Join Forces to Introduce Palambridge
Vested Blog
Mar 30
Article: Palambridge – Innovative Model for Firm Entering Procurement Consulting Marketplace
Spend Matters
Mar 15
Article: 2 Remarkable Applications of the Platform Economy in Procurement
Bertrand Maltaverne
Mar 13
Podcast: Building Procurement Connections w/ Palambridge
Thriving at the Crossroads Podcast
Mar 13
Press Release: Palambridge Disrupts Procurement As Usual With Strategy On-demand
Thriving at the Crossroads Podcast
Feb 28
Press Release: Philip Ideson, Art of Procurement Founder, Recognized as Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pro to Know
Supply & Demand Chain Executive


Nov 3
Interview: Procurement's First Subscription Podcast Turns One
Coupa Corporate Blog
Sep 22
Article: Why I Joined the Revolution
Procurement Insights Blog
Jun 24
Podcast: Announcing the Procurement Revolution! Stand Up. Speak Out. Drive Change.
Buyers Meeting Point Podcast
Jan 26
Guest Post: Procurement as a Service: The Time is at Hand
Spend Matters


Oct 15
Podcast: The Potential of Procurement-as-a-Service: ProcureChange's Philip Ideson
Buyers Meeting Point Podcast