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Mastermind LIVE 2022 Event Recap

By November 15, 2022June 25th, 2023No Comments

What is one thing we can say about 2023 with absolute confidence?

It will be full of surprises.

The question that is a bit harder to answer is whether we will be ready. Preparing for disruptions is a challenge in any setting, and procurement has faced plenty of unexpected challenges over the last few years.

Positioning our professional community to reach new levels of achievement is the focus of Art of Procurement’s mission to 10X the impact of procurement. It was also the central theme for Mastermind LIVE 2022 – our flagship virtual event. For two days we heard from procurement leaders, transformation experts, finance professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Each one of them had a unique perspective to share.

All of the sessions from Mastermind LIVE 2022 are available for you to watch on demand

We hope you enjoy these ideas and themes from Art of Procurement Mastermind LIVE 2022!

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