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AOP Saturday Linkfest: Are We Highly Effective at the Wrong Thing?

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Happy Saturday!

I am back from ISM2016, and happy to be on the ground and in one place for a couple of weeks! However, the time in the air was not wasted as it gave me plenty of time to catch up on the best procurement content from around the interwebs this week!  With that in mind, here are five articles that I wanted to share: 

  • Are we Highly Effective at the Wrong Thing?  Tom Lewis of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising thinks so.  Tom shares his perspective – as a stakeholder – on the role of procurement in buying marketing services.  While the article focuses on marketing, I think the question that he poses is important for us all to reflect on: are we focused on achieving our objectives vs. our stakeholders, and what impact is that having on them?
  • While at ISM2016, the Spend Matters team released their annual service provider lists of “50 Providers to Know” and “50 Providers to Watch”.  I always find these lists interesting, particularly the emerging suppliers in the “Providers to Watch” list as a guide to the change that is coming! Check them out, and see if you agree.
  • I feel that we often talk about procurement as an innovation lever, but we have difficulty in figuring out how to put that desire into practice.  One company who arguably owe their existence to facilitating supply base innovation is Telsa.  In this dispatch from the Procurement Leaders World Congress, Jonathan Webb shares an example of how Telsa thinks about supply chain innovation: Tips from Tesla on Disruptive Innovation. 
  • Finally today I wanted to share this piece by Jim Shuman of Matchbook.  In Effective Stakeholder Engagement is Not a Coincidence, Jim provides a great remind of how to set expectations at the beginning of a sourcing project to ensure that we all on the same page, and that our stakeholders are “bought in” to the process.

Happy reading, and have a great weekend!


PS – if you come across an article that you think we should read, please email it to contact@artofprocurement.com.

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