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AOP Saturday Linkfest: The Dinosaur that is Procurement: Get Relevant to your Business or Become Extinct

By June 18, 2016February 23rd, 2020No Comments

Happy Saturday!

I hope you have had a great week, and you are spending time recharging the batteries so you are ready to continue elevating the role of procurement next week! For those moments of down time, here are three articles that I read this week and wanted to share:

  • Bram Weerts, Chief Commercial Officer of HfS Research, wrote an interesting piece this week on the relevancy of procurement called: The Dinosaur that is Procurement: Get Relevant to your Business or Become Extinct.  It is a theme I am hearing more and more, but it is particularly powerful when it comes from someone outside of our profession.  The good news it that Bram is a procurement advocate, and he shares a fundamental way that we can get closer to our internal clients.
  • My final piece to share this week is written by Timothy Barnes of Asia Pacific Consulting. It touches on a piece of trans-continental legislation and its potential impact on supply chains: Why Global Trade Agreements Must be Part of your Supply Chain Planning.  My takeaway is that, no matter what we buy, we need to be cognizant of local, national and international legislative efforts and understand how they may impact the cost – either direct or indirect – of what we buy.
Before I sign off this week, I wanted to remind you that the Art of Procurement Market Intelligence Report Giveaway is still open for entries until June 27th.  I have partnered with Denali Group to offer 1 winner a market intelligence report covering a category of their choice (from a selection of 25+ categories).  For rules and to enter, head over to the giveaway page, here

Happy reading, and have a great weekend!


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