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The 10 Most Powerful & Insightful Episodes from 2016

By December 15, 2016June 1st, 2020No Comments

So here we are: The Best of 2016 List.

As the year comes to a close, I sat down to consider which episodes have been the most powerful and impactful in 2016.  Some of these have been my personal favorites, others determined by download numbers.  What I did try to do is to make the list as diverse as possible, and it features interviews with CPO’s, CEO’s, Founders, Educators and Consultants.  There should be something for everyone here!

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Lastly, I want to say a big THANK YOU for supporting the Art of Procurement show.  This would not be possible without your support, and I can’t wait to be back in 2017!

Ok, now on to the list…

#10: Procurement Fraud: Hear How Sylvain Mansotte Blew the Whistle on a $20M Corruption

Guest: Sylvain Mansotte, Co-Founder & CEO at Whispli

Why: A deeply personal story of how Sylvain uncovered a $20M fraud, how he addressed it.


#9: The 10 Traits for Procurement Business Acumen

Guest: Jim Barnes, Managing Director, ISM Services

Why: Jim unpacks what business acumen really means in the context of procurement.


#8: Beyond the Numbers: A Deep Dive into the Deloitte 2016 CPO Survey

Guest: Brian Umbenhauer, Principal, Deloitte Consulting

Why: Brian goes deep into the numbers of the annual Deloitte CPO Survey to share what is top of the hearts and minds of CPO’s in 2016


#7: How to Understand Cost & Enable Fact Based Supplier Relationships

Guest: Jimmy Anklesaria, Founder, Anklesaria Group

Why: Jimmy explains why strategic cost management is so important, and how to construct cost models prior to sourcing for both products and services.


#6: Where to Look to Generate Procurement Driven Value

Guest: Joanna Martinez, Supply Chain Advisors & Jordan Early, Old St Labs

Why: Joanna, Jordan and I explore where to look to find opportunities to create value for our organizations. We discuss a wide range of options, from supplier driven innovation to how to make a stakeholders experience with procurement more streamlined and user friendly.


#5: Decision Points on the Journey to Becoming a CPO


Why: In this wide ranging discussion focused on developing a long term career in procurement, Alex shares a number of key decision points that he had to make on his journey to becoming a CPO.


#4: The Art, Science and Practice of Crafting Strategic Supplier Relationships

Guest: Kate Vitasek, Faculty, Graduate & Executive Education, University of Tennessee and Founder, Vested.

Why: Kate provides real world examples as I ask how we, as procurement professionals, can create relationships based on the notion of shared value.


#3: The Tao of Procurement

Guest: John P. (Jack) Miles, Managing Partner, Mainspring Advisors

Why: Jack shares seven of the key lessons that he has learned from his career as a multiple-time CPO and the head of a State department for Management Services.


#2: Learn How Google’s Strategic Sourcing Team Became a Trusted Advisor

Guest: Tim Jones, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Google

Why: Google’s Strategic Sourcing organization have been on a journey to become a trusted advisor supporting key strategic stakeholders that represent the most strategic supplier spend and initiatives.  Tim shares Google’s journey to date, and their innovative approach to driving stakeholder engagement.


#1: Disruptive Innovation & the Future of Procurement

Guest: Christian Lanng, Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman, Tradeshift

Why: Christian shares his vision for a future where digital disruption renders back office functions obsolete, and where strategic procurement can become a profit center, not a cost


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