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Mastermind LIVE Session Spotlight: Applying the Athlete’s Mindset to your Procurement Journey

By September 21, 2022No Comments

Professional athletes represent the top 1% in their sport. While talent will take an athlete a long way, the key differentiator between those that reach the top and those who come close is mindset: the “athlete’s mindset” as AOP Mastermind LIVE speaker Lou Alexander likes to say. 

Lou has experience in high performance athletics and procurement. A renowned and powerful public speaker, Lou is a former Division 1 collegiate and NFL football player who now works with procurement teams daily as part of his role at ProcurementIQ.

Register for MAKE IT HAPPEN: Applying the Athlete’s Mindset to your Procurement Journey

In this session, which will round out two days of collaboration and community, Lou will explain his approach to achieving seemingly insurmountable goals. How can we achieve the improbable? Stay one step ahead? Build a bond with peers that fosters the teamwork necessary to overcome inevitable obstacles? These are critical skills for anyone who is going to succeed on the journey to 10X the impact of procurement.  

I leave every conversation with Lou inspired and ready to take action – you can too by registering to join us at AOP Mastermind LIVE 2022.

Note: If you are unable to join us live, register anyway to receive immediate priority access to all Mastermind LIVE sessions on demand.

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