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NEWS: Art of Procurement and Zeteo Global Join Forces to Elevate the Role of Procurement

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The nature of growing a business from the ground up means that there are lots of twists and turns along the way – unanticipated roadblocks and unexpected opportunities. 2019 started strongly for the Art of Procurement team, built on the foundation of our brand consolidation. I believe that the announcement we made earlier today immediately takes us to the next level.

If you missed the press release, I announced that Zeteo Global – led by Mark Pollack and Elijah Condellone – has joined forces with my team and I at Art of Procurement.  

Mark and Elijah Co-Founded Zeteo Global in early 2019 to focus on innovative talent development, paying specific attention on the future of leadership, procurement and sales processes. With today’s announcement, the Zeteo Global brand will remain for our combined entities to support clients outside of procurement. However, all procurement-facing activities will take place under the Art of Procurement brand.

This immediately strengthens our ability to inspire, prepare and enable procurement teams on their maturity journey. Where my team and I bring procurement knowledge and multi-channel content expertise, Mark and Elijah excel in sales, business development, strategy, and program development. Aligning our diverse strengths behind a singular vision for the future of procurement will allow us to strategically focus our resources and significantly extend our reach.

One of the lessons I have learned since I began Art of Procurement is the importance of culture. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing both Mark and Elijah personally for a number of years. As soon I became aware that Mark and Elijah were about to begin their own entrepreneurial journey, I sought ways to collaborate with them. What started as a discussion to share networking opportunities culminated in today’s announcement.

I’m excited by what’s to come: offerings that will empower procurement professionals in new ways by harnessing the power of our community.

Mark Pollack joins Art of Procurement as Managing Partner, Strategy & Operations

Prior to co-founding Zeteo Global, Mark Pollack was the Chief Operations and Strategy Officer for Sourcing Industry Group (SIG). Mark joined SIG, having previously been a Senior Leader at Apollo Education Group, to launch and grow SIG University, a virtual program that trains and certifies procurement professionals in sourcing, governance, and risk.  Following the successful launch of SIG University, Mark took responsibility for leading the Sales, Marketing, Strategy and Operations teams.

Mark’s passion is supporting professionals at every level of their career, from individual contributor to senior executive and everywhere in-between. With this passion, he has trained hundreds of professionals in results-focused communication and collaboration and is certified under Korn Ferry’s Leadership Architect, Korn Ferry’s 360 Assessment Facilitation and Interpretation, and a number of other capability assessment and development standards.  Long-time listens may recall that Mark was an early podcast guest back in 2016!  

Elijah Condellone joins Art of Procurement as Managing Partner, Sales & Business Development

Elijah Condellone has more than 15-years of sales, business development, leadership, consulting, coaching, public speaking and group facilitation experience. Prior to co-founding Zeteo Global, Elijah served as Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) and spent 9 years with the Apollo Group in higher education serving in a variety of leadership roles, including the launch of The Community College Center of Excellence within the University of Phoenix.

Elijah is passionate about investing in people, creating innovative processes that enable us to work more intelligently and driving the kind of performance that exceeds expectations.

I’m really proud of what we have created at Art of Procurement over the past 4 years. Until now, our ability to execute on our lofty ambitions has been limited by the bandwidth of our small (but mighty) team.  Today’s announcement changes all that!

Welcome to Art of Procurement Mark and Elijah!


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