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AOP Saturday Linkfest: Does Your Team Deserve a Seat at the Big Table?

By April 16, 2016February 23rd, 2020No Comments

The Saturday Linkfest is back!

We have been super busy at the Art of Procurement over the past week or so.  Last Friday, we launched our new site, and this week we published five shows in five days!  For that reason, I didn’t send out a Linkfest email last week (and now I ask for forgiveness…!).

The good news is that normal service has now been resumed, and I have a collection of new articles that I read this week that I wanted to share:

  • We talk a lot about elevating the role of procurement.  However, does your team even deserve a seat at the big table?  Justin Hughes, Managing Consultant at PA Consulting stirred up the debate by penning: 5 Reasons Why Your Procurement Function Does Not Deserve a Seat at the Big Table.
  • At heart, I am an introvert, and meeting new people used to fill me with dread!  If you struggle with networking, I recommend this piece written by Tania Seary of Procurious: 3 Easy Steps to become a Procurement Networking Guru.
  • David Atkinson of Four Pillars Consulting is a renowned expert within the SRM space.  David published a two part piece this week summarizing a number of leadership challenges associated with supplier relationship management: SRM: 5 Leadership Challenges (Part 1, Part 2)
  • There is hardly a week goes by when I hear of new entrants in the procurement tech space. In this piece, Jason Busch of Spend Matters considers the moves afoot in the spend analytics space: Spend Analytics: 5 Trends Happening Right Now.

Have a great weekend.


PS – if you come across an article that you think we should read, please email is to contact@artofprocurement.com.

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