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This Week in Procurement

AOP Linkfest: We Are All Outcome-Based Employees Now

By July 23, 2016February 23rd, 2020No Comments

Happy Saturday!

Are you in need of a distraction from the 24/7 coverage of Donald Trump and Pokemon Go?  Then this weeks Art of Procurement Saturday Linkfest is for you!

This week, I have five articles to share:

  • The Art of Cross-Cultural Negotiation.  One of the most enjoyable days of my career was an in-person negotiation in Osaka, Japan.  I was sat on one side of the table, and a team of 10 from my supplier were sat opposite me, separated by a Union Jack and Hinomaru flags in the middle of the table! I was reminded of this experience while reading this piece by Giuseppe Conti of Conti Advanced Business Learning. If you are responsible for negotiating across cultures, this is a must read!
  • Negotiation: Time to Change Mindset & Approach? (Part 1; Part 2).  Continuing on the theme of negotiations, Christo Zeller of Efficio shares six areas where he believes we need to change the traditional thinking of how to plan and execute a successful negotiation. 
  • To “Term” or Not to “Term”… That is the Question. How long should the term be for your next supplier contract?  Torey Guingrich of Source One explains four different factors that determine if the length of your supplier contract should be day-to-day, long term, or somewhere in between.
  • Matching Procurement Salaries to Procurement Qualifications. Charles Dominick of Next Level Purchasing Association provides an insight into his latest research on procurement salaries. If you are in a leadership role in a large company with a centralized procurement function and a Masters degree, then you should be sitting pretty!

Have a great weekend!

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