1-Hour Online Workshop

Creating Your Procurement Catalyst Plan for Action

A live workshop for procurement professionals to translate development needs into positive impact.

Philip Ideson - Founder Art of Procurement

Kelly Barner - Managing Director, Buyers Meeting Point

Session 1: Tuesday, September 11th

  • 9am (New York); 2pm (London); 3pm (Berlin)

Session 2: Tuesday, September 11th

  • 11am (Los Angeles); 2pm (New York); 5pm (London)

Session 3: Wednesday, September 12th

  • 9am (Singapore); 11am (Sydney); 1pm (Auckland)
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A procurement catalyst is an agent that provokes or accelerates significant changes or actions. However, being a successful catalyst calls for the amplification of both technical and ‘real’ skills. Some of these skills are familiar to procurement professionals and others are rising in importance as procurement’s role expands.  

But how can we find the time to develop and expand our skills against a backdrop of time pressure, competing priorities, and the reality that the most valuable capabilities are best honed on the job, not in the classroom.  

This workshop is for procurement professionals of all levels who want to take charge of their own development, and who aren’t afraid to try something new.  

Workshop participants will:  

  • Learn how the procurement operating model can and should change in anticipation of future opportunities - based on our experience and hundreds of conversations with procurement and business leaders.
  • Discover our 5-step process to create a plan for action that turns each of your development goals into an achievable strength through the power of microlearning, an efficient approach to real world learning and advancement.
  • Spend focused, hands on time creating the foundational element of your plan for action during the workshop.
  • Participants who successfully complete the first part of their plan for action during the live workshop and share it with us via a screenshot or picture will gain exclusive access to a template workbook to complete the next steps of the plan.