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Friday Show: The 8 Supplier Risk Factors You Should Be Protecting Your Company From

By March 4, 2016June 1st, 2020No Comments
Philip Ideson Procurement Risk

In today’s Friday Episode of The Art of Procurement, I want to talk about procurement and risk management.

Back in episode three with Geoff Talbot, Jeff talked about risk and risk management, and it being a way that procurement can provide real value over and above just a particular measurement of cost savings.

It’s a topic that I want to cover in some considerable depth on the Art of Procurement over the course of 2016 but today I am going to keep things relatively high level and cover eight different risk factors that we could be protecting our companies against.

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“The identification, mitigation and management of supplier risks will become a key way that Procurement adds value going forward.”

8 Supplier Risk Factors

The 8 Supplier Risk Factors that I discuss in this episode are:

  1. Geopolitical risk
  2. Concentration risk
  3. Strategic risk
  4. Reputational risk
  5. Compliance risk
  6. Operational risk
  7. Financial risk
  8. Contractual risk

Episode Transcript (PDF):

  • Click here to download a copy of today’s episode transcript (PDF).

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