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14 Questions to Ask to Assess the Longevity of Your Supplier Contract

By February 12, 2016June 1st, 2020No Comments
Philip Ideson Supplier Engagement

When I talk to companies about how they can assess the health of outsourced engagements, I often cite 14 different areas that they should consider. As I was thinking about today’s topic, I looked at those 14 areas and realized that they can pretty much apply to any supplier engagement, or any supplier contract.

So for this weeks Art Of Procurement Friday Show, I thought I would share what those 14 different questions are so that you can use them to consider the health of any supplier engagement or contract that you’re managing.

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“Program sponsorship is really critical to maintaining the internal focus that you need for a contract to be successful. Do you still have the program sponsorship you need? If not, what is that costing you?”

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