I am passionate about procurement!

I help organizations, service providers and individuals tackle their most pressing procurement related challenges to help elevate the value that our profession can deliver.

What does that mean?  Well, it means different things to different companies:

Do you want to benefit from the value strategic procurement can deliver?  It means building alignment between procurement and the c-suite, and implementing strategic governance programs that drive performance and increase the accountability of all participants.

Do you need to become more agile?  It means building a low-cost, hybrid in-house and outsourced procurement delivery models which provides access to the subject matter expertise and technology that you need, on-demand.

Do you have difficulty in inspiring your procurement teams to invest in their own self development? It means bringing the principles of the Art of Procurement to your procurement learning and development program to increase engagement and results.

Concerned about cost?  It means building the capabilities and infrastructure you need that enables you to bring spend under management, and manage that spend in a strategic way.

Want to better manage risk?  It means integrating the identification, mitigation and management of supplier related risks into the procurement and sourcing process.

Focused on growth?  It means developing true two-way collaborative relationships with the key suppliers that will be central to your organizational growth plans.

Concerned about your career?  It means building a plan to develop your own capabilities to ensure you are best placed to take advantage of the opportunities that the evolution of procurement with bring rather than being left behind.

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Representative Assignments

I have worked across pretty much every role in the procurement value chain over the last 15 years.

I have been fortunate to work across multiple industries, and as a practitioner and service provider for a number of respected organizations including Accenture, Pfizer, Ford / Visteon, Ally Financial, Procurian and Chiquita (plus others I cannot name for confidentiality reasons!).  I also have deep experience in both Direct Material and Indirect procurement.

Representative assignments include:

  • Consolidated independent procurement offices across 7 countries covering North America, South American and Europe into a single center-led organization.
  • Implemented risk-based sourcing and supplier management program on behalf of newly regulated financial services company.
  • Outsourced shared services previously provided by former parent company for a number of spin-off entities across the manufacturing and financial services industries.
  • Relocated to India to increase capabilities of a captive procurement shared services center for an automotive manufacturing firm before transitioning responsibility to a local management team.
  • Designed and implemented procurement transformations, which involved the building of hybrid internal / outsourced delivery models supporting Category Management Sourcing and P2P, for multiple organizations across financial services, tech and CPG industries.
  • Consolidated procurement and sourcing processes for a pharmaceutical firm as part of an M&A integration initiative.
  • Launched strategic sourcing, category management and supplier management capabilities across multiple organizations.
  • Managed sourcing, category management and supplier management for a broad range of product and service areas encompassing both Direct and Indirect categories of spend.
  • Head of Procurement assignment, with responsibility for managing a global team covering both Non-IT and IT categories of spend.

Procurement Outsourcing

In addition to providing advisory services, I have also built two products related specifically to procurement outsourcing.

These build upon my experience as both a client and service provider of outsourced procurement services:


In my experience, the writing is on the wall for most outsourced procurement programs from the day the contract is signed.  With this in mind, I built ProcureScore – an assessment for companies to take before they embark on the journey of using third parties as part of their procurement delivery model.

ProcureScore combines data driven algorithms and experience based insights to assess an organizations readiness for procurement outsourcing, covering 8 specific risk factors. For more information, go to procurescore.com.


Once a procurement outsourcing contract has been signed, the hard work is only just beginning?  But how do you determine the health of your program, and the likelihood that it will generate the ROI that you expect over the length of the contract?

ProcureCheck assesses the health of your program by measuring your current status against 15 critical success factors.  It recommends the actions that you should take to maximize your long term program ROI of your outsourced program.  For more information, visit procurecheck.com. 

My Philosophy

I bring my philosophy to everything that I do:

  • Procurement exists to help our stakeholders become more effective at what they do in contributing to our companies’ competitive advantage.
  • Procurement will look very different in five years vs. what is looks like today.
    • Transactional and tactical tasks will be outsourced first, and ultimately automated.
    • The procurement value proposition will be anchored on our ability to build alignment and collaborative two-way relationships with all participants in our eco-system – leaders, stakeholders and suppliers.
    • Soft skills, and our ability to derive actionable intelligence from the mass of data available to us will be more important that technical procurement skills.
  • The world or work is changing around us.  Procurement delivery models will become more agile.  No longer will organizations invest in large internal teams of generalists.   The procurement department of the future will be a hybrid of internal and external capabilities, with subject matter expertise available on-demand.

For more information on my vision for the future of procurement, check out the following show:

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